Global Feast 2012

Our blog is very new and we are learning to find our voice and master the techie stuff as we go, so when I went to the Global Feast I jumped at the chance of speaking to the founding queen of supper clubs in the UK – Ms Marmite Lover. I think that I fell in love with her – she was so very encouraging and down to earth I felt that I could have shared my foodie soul. Her advice was simply – ‘be yourself’. This blog is not an attempt to be famous, nor is it about writing a cookery book – it is more about sharing our experience in the epicurean world of Walthamstow and gaining confidence as I write, learn and wander in the world of food.

I was so pleased to get tickets to Global Feast last week – this dining experience in Stratford Town Hall is a culinary journey throughout the Olympics, travelling across the globe culminating in Brazil on closing ceremony night.  On the Middle Eastern night we chose the host chefs were Sabrina Ghayour, a Persian food blogger and supper club hostess and cook book writer of ‘Veggiestan’ and Iranian shopkeeper at Persepolis in Peckham – Sally Butcher. There was also a belly dancer and drummer.

We had an exciting menu of:

Canapés including Kookoo Sabzi, cheese and caramelised onion boregi and delicious pumpkin stuffed cracked wheat kibbeh (pictured). The Kookoo Sabzi was addictive – little squares of herb omelette with a firm texture – served cold. Go to Ms. Marmite Lover’s site as she will explain it a lot better than I can, but I must admit I liked it!

Starters were a meze plate including houmous, roasted aubergine puree, Must-e-laboo (yogurt with cardamom and beetroot) and a giant couscous salad, served with hot fresh mini pitta breads. This was a light a flavourful plate, with varying textures and spices coming through each miniature dish.

Next came -Jujeh Kebab – a citrus-infused baby chicken served with jewelled couscous. The chicken was perfectly cooked – an amazing feat to pull off for 80 people in a marquee kitchen!

This was a real feast; topped off with Sabrina’s signature delicious coconut carrot cake served with a thick rose-infused cream.

The whole idea of Global Feast is an Olympics inspired food adventure, seated at a table in the shape of the continents, tasting the flavours of the world. Absolutely well done – and this is sincere, praise indeed from a Yorkshire lass.

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