Where is Kitty? Missing the Thai food at the now closed Chequers pub

We were regulars at The Chequers pub for years; ever since one cold Saturday the hungry foodies dropped in for Thai food while out shopping on Walthamstow market.

It was way beyond our expectations – fresh, spicy and delicious dishes and in my opinion superior to any that I have had in far more expensive Thai places in central London. We were hooked. The kitchen was run by the wonderful Kitty who was always welcoming and smiley. She seemed to have everyone’s drinks orders memorised and would tailor the food to your taste. The downside of this dining experience was the pub itself – a bit of a run-down boozer although I had a soft spot for it. I wanted to tell everyone how good Kitty’s food was, but I went in a few weeks ago and found out it was closing down as there had been some kind of breakdown in communications with the Police and the Council. With the pub now closed and no word as to what will happen next, I’m left wondering ‘What happened to Kitty and the fab Thai chef?’ I’m missing my Phad Thai and Moo Ping.

So does anyone know if Kitty has opened elsewhere in E17? 

Also the other pub on the High Street the Cock Tavern has been refurbished recently, it looks like it may be reaching for the dizzy heights of a Gastropub but it has yet to open. Having peeped through the windows I’m excited as it would be good to get a decent pub at this end of Walthamstow rather than everything being in the village – when will it open and what will it be?

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