The best of 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

As the sunset on 2012 it felt like the right time to review our first year of blogging. We do get some amazing sunsets in E17, this cracker was taken on our street.

Sunset in E17

Well we got about 4,000 views in 2012 – not sure if this is good, average or poor but we are happy! We have only been writing the blog since the summer and it is just a hobby – no cookbook aspriations, so rest easy Nigella, well for now anyway…

Technology wise, we managed to blow up one laptop, bought a new camera to improve the photos on the site and still haven’t worked out what all the buttons do. There’s another New Year’s resolution! We are thrilled to have over 400 followers on Twitter but Faceboook and Flickr need more work.

We managed to write 57 posts; sticking to our promise of at least one a week throughout sniffly colds, holidays, buying a new house and coping with new jobs.

We are proud to have hosted our first Supperclub in November; it caused a thousand rows beforehand but on the day it was great to hear laughter coming from the dining room and empty plates coming back … m0re to come in 2013.

We tried, tested and shared 35 recipes; everything from Moroccan Bread to Mango Smoothies and Pheasant Popcorn. In case you missed any of them, these were our most popular posts in 2012.

And it feels like a lot’s changed in Walthamstow over the past year too – new pub the Bell and soon to open The Chequers; the brilliant E17 pop-up restaurant project at The Rose and Crowne; the refurb of the William Morris Gallery; the guerilla Xmas Tree decorations; the Olympic Flame torch procession… and now I hear about new management and real ales at The Village pub.

But there was also the sad loss too of Kitty’s Thai restaurant at the old Chequers pub…

So what’s next in 2013? Well we plan to continue with the recipes and Product of the Week; we hope to expand the eating out restaurant reviews section of the blog; and we really want to develop a regular Supperclub in E17.

Here’s to a fun-filled foodie 2013!

About walthamstowfoodies

We have a passion for good food – bought locally, cooked simply and shared with friends in Walthamstow, London and beyond
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4 Responses to The best of 2012

  1. EastEndLass says:

    it’s a shame that the Thai @ the Chequers didn’t move back to the Rose & Crown where she used to be 😦


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