Friday night burgers

I don’t really know how it happened, but I ended up on Friday night in Westfield Stratford. Not being a lover of escalators or crowds this was not my idea of fun. I was on a quest – the other foodie had asked for a foodie gift for her birthday. Straightforward – go on Amazon and get it delivered. Well yes that was my usual way of shopping however she only asked for it the day before her birthday and I’m too mean to pay £10 for express delivery. Morleys in Brixton and Lakeland had already let me down, John Lewis was my last hope. So if you ever need a box of ravioli cutters late on a Friday night – now you know where to go! Mission accomplished we went to Jamie’s Italian for a 500ml carafe of tetra pack rosé wine. The jury’s out – I found the rosé weak in flavour and a bit too sweet.

We had a date with friends at Pie Crust, a Thai restaurant just down the road in Stratford however it was closed  – due to romantically or the cynic says commercially re-open on 14 February for Valentine’s day. Our friends who know the area well suggested Greedy Cow in Mile End. According to the Evening Standard it’s ‘ London’s best kept secret’. The place was packed. We waited, and after 15 mins had a table, unfortunately near the door. However staffed pounced every time it was opened to ensure the freezing draught was limited. A big thick curtain around the door would be in order.

The Greedy Cow had an intriguing list of exotic burgers – kangaroo, camel, wild boar plus more traditional beef and chicken. The other foodie ordered a Wagyu (Kobi beef) burger served rare with a Stilton topper, disappointingly it was more like medium. My Hereford beef steak was more successful, cooked a lovely pink and came with a salad. The burgers and steaks don’t come with any carbs so we ordered chips, onion rings and potato wedges  to share. All the burger toppings such as mushrooms, chorizo or cheeses are also charged seperately.  The food took a while to arrive and we were hungry but I don’t have an issue with waiting for good food to be prepared.

The bill came to just under £100 for four including 2 bottles of wine and two hot chocolate fondant desserts – so not a cheap burger place for a Friday night. I prefer Eat17 for the price and quality so we’re back off home to the Stow.

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