Amazing hot salt beef brunch


Copperfield Cafe

We woke up super-early this morning – no sunday lie-in for us! By 8am a pork shoulder was dressed and having a lovely tanning session in the slow cooker, the coffee beans were ground and an 8-cup cafetiere was put into action, and sour dough starter was developing nicely. So we then decided to walk in the lovely sunshine t0 the gym for a swim.

You probably know the feeling at 11am when you aren’t sure whether to skip breakfast and wait for lunch or have breakfast and a much later lunch, well frankly I was starving and when the other foodie suggest an old time East End cafe I wasn’t impressed. I love cafes but I’m very fussy when it comes to breakfast and especially picky when it comes to an E17 traditional breakfast. After a bit of pursuasion (along the lines of … you’re just grumpy when you’ve not been fed) I agreed to the Copperfield Cafe on the High Street as we were on our way to the Farmers Market.

I was intrigued to see that they have salt beef as a special on the menu, so I went for the hot salt beef salad as I knew the pork was happy basking at home for a few more hours.

Fantastic hot salt beef salad

Fantastic hot salt beef salad

What arrived was a plate of salad and lashings of salt beef which at £5.50 was really good value. Every salad ingredient was on the plate – sweetcorn, lettuce, red cabbage, sweet gerkins, lemon, tomatoes, cucumber, olives. This was paradise for me a carb-free breakfast – and hey no cheap white bread! The salt beef was moist and tasted great with mustard.

The other foodie stuck to poached eggs on brown toast – but I think we’ll both be back for the salt beef in the near future. They also do the standard fry ups, Turkish breakfast and homemade pies and with 5 out of a 5 in their food hygiene standard scores – another reason to support the E17 local cafes.

Copperfield Cafe, 212 High Street, Walthamstow, E17 7JH


High heels and muddy boots welcome!

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