It’s not all about food – Pula Ampitheatre


Pula Arena – Roman architecture on a massive scale!

Occasionally we do have some interests other than food and wine – although this is rare. Usual service will resume soon with a post on Istrian truffles but we couldn’t resist writing about the best preserved ancient monument in Croatia as it is  just down the road from our apartment. It was constructed between 27 BC – 68 AD and is one of only six of the largest surviving Roman arenas in the world.


View out to sea and the Brijoni Islands, Pula

The arena is smack bang on the seafront, dominating the harbour and sky line of the tiny city of Pula. This is like going to see the Colosseum in Rome – but there are less tour groups, it’s  probably cheaper to get in, and a cappuccino in Croatia is less than £2 rather than the 15 Euro a friend was charged in Italy!


How small are those people?

The arena is used as an venue for international music concerts instead of feeding martyrs to the lions these days. However, when you step inside it is still reminiscent of a scene out of the film, Gladiator, it has such an overwhelming sense of history and an ‘OMG it is enormous-moment’. Now, enough of all this culture, back to the food and wine…


It was a hot walk up to the top!

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