Street food in Walthamstow – Peppe’s Pizza

Amazing mobile wood-fired oven

Amazing mobile wood-fired oven

If you follow our blog you will know that the Walthamstowfoodies have no business even sniffing around a pizza due to various allergies and intolerances. But at the end of the day we do love an authentic, wood-fired pizza. Warm fresh bread topped with hot tomatoes, garlic and cheese – what is there not to like?

In the Stow we are lucky to have Peppe’s Pizza, a mobile wood-fired pizza stall which parks outside the Rose & Crown pub on Hoe Street on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm. A stonebaked pizza is often a highlight for us at the end of a long week. Peppe has a good selection of classic pizzas from £5 and then some real gourmet choices at £8  for a large, handmade, authentic Italian pizza. A favourite of mine is asparagus, artichoke, speck ham, parmagianno and truffle oil.

Fresh ingredients

Fresh ingredients

Be warned this is not fast food – in fact this is slow food at it’s best. He gets extremely busy and it is not unknown to have to wait over 45 mins, but you can have a beer in the pub whilst you wait. Then it’s time to race off home and wolf down hot pizza slices with well thought out toppings, and comforting melted cheesiness. This is my Monday morning gift to the Stow, pop it in the diary – a perfect Friday night treat.


Mamma Rosaria pizza

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8 Responses to Street food in Walthamstow – Peppe’s Pizza

  1. They look really scrummy must try. Through my Jamie At Home I think I’m I’ m actually an agent for
    Jamie Oliver’s wood fired ovens. These are sold as alternatives to BBQ’s to put in your back garden and come with a cover. They are priced for the domestic marktet. I haven’t sold any in Walthamtstow yet (I live in hope-as they are £1000! But I guess some people pay ridiculous amounts for gas fired BBQ’s! do remove this post if you deem it too commercial but just thought I would share the video

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  2. EastEndLass says:

    I haven’t been to Peppe’s for ages, JUST because they are so slow. They taste absolutely stunning, but if you aren’t able to go into the pub to wait, then they aren’t the best option.


  3. Alessio says:

    The pizza, in the picture, is “Mamma Rosaria”. After Peppe is mother. Peppe’s Pizza London is FANTASTIC 🙂


  4. Jordan says:

    Reminds me of the BBC series “What The Romans Did For Us”

    Pepe is not human, he is a god, the god of pizza (in UK at least).
    True pizza lovers secretly pray to him.


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