A find in Leyton – Chinese food in Leyton, Woo Lot


Woo Lot

So there we were, hungry and annoyed having just walked down to Bakers Arms one afternoon with the aim of trying out an Indian restaurant which turned out to be firmly closed. We wandered around getting increasingly dismayed at the volume of fast food chicken shops, then on the verge of giving up entirely we came across Woo Lot. It had an impressive 5 score food hygiene rating on the door, it was packed, we were now starvin’ Marvin so we decided to give it a go – to be honest by then I would have agreed to anything!

The interior is canteen-style with a massive counter in a large room full of outdoor dining furniture. You order at the counter – all rather cheap and cheerful.  It’s eat-in, take-away or delivery after 5.30pm.


Taking orders at the counter

We quickly agreed our order and I was about to make my way to the counter when the opposite table’s food arrived. Well plate-envy hit, we just had to find out what the rather large plate full of lovely seafood was. We asked for ‘one of those’ – and plate quickly arrived brimming with squid, prawns, fish balls and fresh vegetables on a bed of noodles.


Mixed seafood with fried noodles

We also ordered a plate of Barbecued Pork with rice. It was all fresh, quick, filling and cheap (between £4 & max £7 per large plate depending on what you select). There is something for everyone including loads of vegetarian options, seafood and fish, and my favourite crispy duck with pancakes.


BBQ pork and rice

We really enjoyed our lunch and would recommend you give it a go if you live near or find yourself in Bakers Arms. Just writing this post makes me want to return there and eat lots of salt and peppered squid, oops forgot to say we had this as a starter – yes piggy, but did I say we were rather hungry! Go on – try it, it’s fab!

Woo Lot, 592 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, E10. Open daily from 12 noon til 11.30pm, midnight on Fri & Sat (Sunday 4pm – 11pm) Free local delivery from 5.30pm

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2 Responses to A find in Leyton – Chinese food in Leyton, Woo Lot

  1. Sarah Triv says:

    Always forget to try this place. Now I’ve seen a recommendation I’ll try and make an effort to go. Our usual haunt at Baker’s Arms is Jackson’s Cafe (old Cafe Ferrari) by Barclays.


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