Grab the green tea: the Foodies go healthy!


Beef and brown rice noodle stir fry tonight!

Over the last six months I’ve had a great time eating and drinking more or less just what I’ve fancied. But of course the pounds have crept on, slowly but surely and now I’m getting annoyed.

Annoyed at myself for not being more careful and for letting my earlier weight loss success be scoffed away. I know about a healthy diet; I’ve even attended a nutrition course for goodness sake, I should know better! Those who know me are well aware of my weight ups and downs over the years. The problem is that I really do love food – well I am a foodie after all.  I guess what has happened is that I’ve just had too much of the bad stuff. I really do believe that if you balance your diet you can mix and match, ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ as they say, but you do need to be aware of what you eat.

So I declare the party is well and truly over, not because being a size 16 bothers me but just because I am happier at a lighter size. For me eating a healthy diet means stopping to have breakfast and avoiding the trap of rushing out of the door grabbing a coffee and a croissant at the station – I don’t even really like croissants. It means drinking green tea which I love, and it has the added bonus of speeding up your metabolism apparently. Lunch is a soup and spelt bread followed by a stir fry for dinner. I’m snacking on my favourites, apricots and almonds eaten together because the nuts reduce the sugar rush that you get from the apricots – as I said I know a bit about this stuff but yet I fall at the very mention of fish and chips!

What I have described is a routine, and when I feel well then that’s absolutely great. But when I’m feeling depressed or anxious then I’d rather just do what I want thanks – even if it isn’t what’s good for me or deep down what I really would like.

So I’m now on the healthy eating programme – not a diet, I don’t do diets. Kicking off tonight with a beef stir fry. The veg is chopped and ready to cook and as it is the weekend I may have a glass of wine with it. Another rule I’ve made for myself  is that drinking on a school night is out. I need some discipline in my life courtesy of me, I’m taking back control of my diet and I’m looking forward to it. I will share some of my healthier recipes soon when I have perfected them!

P.S  I’m dragging the other foodie on this healthy eating journey with me and so I expect some sabotage along the way but I’m armed with green tea!

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