Dosas in E17 – Priya Maamala’s South Indian / Sri Lankan restaurant


Masala Dosa – lunchtime bargain!

During Diwali we watched about 10 back to back episodes of Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation on the Good Food Channel. This gave us a wish list of loads of restaurants to visit across the city, but also a craving for dosas. We first tried dosas at Diwana Bhel Poori in Euston many years ago and fell in love with the paper thin lentil and rice flour pancakes.

So this week we decided to re-try a local restaurant – Priya Maamala’s on Hoe Street. We went a few years ago when it was known just as Priya, it was good at first but after a while we fell out of love with the place. The cooking wasn’t as fresh as it had been and the staff kept changing so we moved on. However with a dosas obsession on the brain and it being very local we decided to give it another go.

It was quiet when we went in at lunchtime, but there were orders coming through on the phone and people waiting to collect their take-aways. A salty lassi was ordered whilst we considered the menu.


Cumin-spiced Salty Lassi

We decided to try the two lunchtime special offers, a Vegetarian Thali (£4.99) and the Masala Dosa for only £2, plus a Maamala’s Traditional Set Dosa (£3.95). This turned out to be far too much food!


Vegetarian Thali selection

The Thali included rice, sambar, rasam, dhal, vegetable curries, poppadom, roti, pickle, yogurt and warm carrot halva dessert. Each mini pot was packed with flavour – some spicy and hot, others mild and comforting or sour and punchy.

The foot long Masala Dosa was crispy, stuffed with a spicy masala smashed potato. It was served up with a pot of vegetable curry and 3 chutneys – tangy coriander, hot red chilli and cooling sweet coconut. It lived up to our dosa dreams and amazing value at £2.

The Traditional Set Dosa wasn’t what we were expecting. We had imagined a dosa ‘set menu’ of some sort. What arrived was 1cm deep ‘set’ dosas made from the standard rice and lentil batter with added baking powder which produces a thick, spongy texture reminiscent of a crumpet. The 2 dosas came heavily topped with fried onions and the same veg curry and chutneys.


Traditional Set Dosa

There are daily specials and Happy Hours (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm) with idli, dosa, vadai, samosa and mango lassi for take-away from 99p – £1.99. We’ve written these off before – how can it be any good for that price?! But we’ll be back to try them now.

Priya Maamala’s
256 Hoe Street
E17 3AX

Tel: 020 8520 5552

Priya on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Dosas in E17 – Priya Maamala’s South Indian / Sri Lankan restaurant

  1. I eat here ALL the time. Love it!


  2. yet says:

    Food:Masala dosa was not crisp and it was tasteless. The Tamarind rice and Aubergine curry were good however the spinach and potato curry was watery and bland.
    Service: abysmal. We ordered plain dosa and got masala. Waiter insisted we had ordered masala and charged us for it.when we complained about the spinach dish we were told it was bland as English people can’t eat spicy food! What a load of crap. The other dishes were spicy.
    Did not leave a tip and won’t be going there ever again.


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