Doffles! – SpiceBox Weekend Brunch


The Full Indian incl. Doffles!

Indian breakfasts are a thing of beauty – spicy, rich and delicious, a perfect start to a lazy weekend, or cure for a hangover. Traditionally along with curries and dhal there’s steamed rice idlis, dosa pancakes, puris and parathas filled with spicy potato and fiery coconut relishes to wake up your taste buds.

And now thanks to SpiceBox the vegan curry house on Hoe Street E17, these flavours are cooked up in Walthamstow every weekend. Luckily for us, after doing street food markets, festivals and pop-ups since 2016, the CEO – Grace finally found a permanent home for SpiceBox in Walthamstow.

This was our first visit for brunch – served every Saturday & Sunday 10am – 3pm.  The menu features a range of sweet and spicy options. It all sounded delicious, but after some indecision, we eventually chose the ‘South Indian Brunch Thali’ (£12.50). It is a bowl of creamy cashew and coconut korma with butternut squash and cauliflower, and SpiceBox’s award-winning tarka dhal, with paratha bread and pickles. It was delicious and oddly will suit British weather – hot and sunny mornings or cold, wet and grey weekends. This is comfort food.  


We also shared the double stack of crispy brunch ‘doffles’ (pic at the top) – SpiceBox invention of dosa-waffles made from a fermented batter of lentil and rice flour, served up with the ‘Full Indian’ (£12) – curried jackfruit beans and crispy bombay potatoes and coconut sambol. If this wasn’t enough we added, out of sheer curiosity, a portion of ‘Parsi Eggs’ (£2) – spicy scrambled organic Okara – which is basically tofu-whey. It’s the watery soy bean pulp left over after making tofu. This was a first for me, but apparently is part of traditional cooking in Japan, China and Korea. I’ve enjoyed soft scrambled tofu before, but this reminded me more of the Spanish Migas fried breadcrumb dish. Is was spicy and crunchy,  and went well with the smokey beans. 


For drinks we tried the Limca – a traditional Indian lime and lemonade, and a boozy brunch special, an invigorating Spicy Mary. Overall – although neither of us are vegan, there’s no doubt this is quite special cooking. The use of spices really brings out the flavours in the vegetables, and it’s surprisingly filling. It’s got to be one of the best brunch options in the Stow right now – so go try it!


Spice Box: 58 Hoe St, Walthamstow, E17 4PG. 0208 521 0906

Dinner bookings taken – Tues – Sun – 5.30pm – 10pm ish (closed Mon)
Brunch is walk in only – Sat/Sun – 10am – 3pm



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  1. A feast for the eyes…


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