About us

1We moved to London in 1998 and we can’t imagine living anywhere else. Originally from the North of England, we decided to make Walthamstow our home in 1999. Back then in E17 a cappuccino was exotic, and so going out for a coffee was a mug of Nescafe from the cafe. Things have definitely changed.

We have still some old-school cafes, but now there are also Bulgarian, New Zealand, Algerian, Portuguese and Turkish coffee shops as well as the obligatory Costas. It is this eclectic mix of cultures and nationalities that makes the Stow an exciting foodie place to live.

The aim of our blog is to promote Walthamstow as a great place to live and to explore, and to share our passion for cooking, writing, eating, foraging and all things foodie. We hope you like the blog and get something useful from it – we’d love to hear your feedback.

3 Responses to About us

  1. LFFL says:

    I wish I could just go to ANY part of England. Such a long ways away. Lucky you.


  2. Mary McD says:

    Hi , I have also lived in Walthamstow since 98! And have also made it my mission to find compliment and critique the foodie places and eateries near by. The only difference is that I do it in my head or just in conversation with friends and neighbours .
    Thank you for your wonderful blog . I agree with pretty much all you’ve recommended as I have tried them myself and have already put them all on my own personal shortlist ! You’ve also given me a few others to try , thanks. If I find any other new gems , I’ll send you a note xxxx


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