We try to buy most of our food locally in Walthamstow. We used to have a list of our favourite places, the lovely things we find, an idea of costs and where they are roughly on the market to give you a taste of what foodie things are available in E17.

However the list became unmanageable and wasn’t really showing the great foodie shops and stalls at their very best. So to make it easier to navigate we have categorised the list by product and added more pics, to hopefully make your shopping experience brighter and easier. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us compile the original list which has now developed a life of its own. Let us know if you think something is missing.

We love this Twitter comment:” @walthamstowfood – Absolutely love reading your blog. It really helps us make better use of some of the awesome shops in E17″

9 Responses to Shopping

  1. I would add East London Sausage Company, previously Hoe St but now in Orford Road. Also the wonderful health food shop Second Nature on Wood Street.

    I’m cheered to hear the salad stall is still there – I’ve not seen it for ages.


  2. Nellie B says:

    Hello! Where would you recommend for ordering a big party cake locally? There are lots of interesting looking places but don’t want egg free, a photo on top, frilly icing etc. I’d be very grateful for a tip-off!


  3. Nellie B says:

    Contact details would be brilliant- thanks! Can you post them here? We had some really lovely cakes at a fair at the Asian Centre a while ago but don’t know who was responsible- perhaps your chum?


  4. TP says:

    Another food shopping destination you might want to check out is the Saturday organic produce market stall outside Hornbeam cafe (458 Hoe St; corner of Bakers Ave, near Bakers Arms junction). Some of the food is ‘ultra-local’ and the stall only sells what is in season, including fruit and veg grown by a co-operative in Chingford, surplus produce from local allotment and garden growers, local-made breads, jams and chutney (often with locally-picked ingredients, like blackberry or crab apple) and short-term seasonal surprises like local cider vinegar. If it’s not local, the produce mostly comes from Essex or other East Anglian counties (citrus fruits and bananas being obvious exceptions). The newsletter with every purchase has information from the growers and seasonal recipes. Web site addresses below:


  5. Eliza says:

    I would add Walthamstow’s last traditional fishmonger Davies & Son, 494 Hoe Street. A great range of fish, and they are really friendly and helpful.


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