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Behind the scenes at Yard Sale Pizza Walthamstow

It’s probably quite well known that Clapton’s Yard Sale are bringing their artisan pizzas to Hoe Street, Walthamstow next month (February 2017). They already have two other branches and were the winner of Time Out’s ‘Most Loved Restaurant’ in the … Continue reading

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A night of Mirth! (Marvel & Maud)

  After a recent review in Time Out, and one year after their pop-up opening nights in December 2015, it’s time to post about Mirth, Marvel & Maud – for any non-locals, this is a renovated old 1930’s cinema in the heart of Walthamstow. … Continue reading

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Gökyüzü Chingford – Turkish restaurant

  We love Turkish food, however on a cold, dreary Monday night as we pulled the car off the roaring North Circular into a dark, pot-holed carpark, one of the Walthamstowfoodies expressed concerns that we were going to be the … Continue reading

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Coffee & cakes in E17

We have our old-favourite coffee shops, the new ones that we just love and those that we just occasionally pop into for a quick takeaway coffee before jumping on the tube. So after lots of difficult reseach & tasting, we … Continue reading

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Preserved Christmas pears

Today has been a day of leisure, because we are still reeling from the effects of exhaustion after yesterday’s bottling, pickling and jamming extravaganza! Our kitchen often seems to be a refuge for other people’s surplus fruit and vegetables. So … Continue reading

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How to organise a street party

A neighbour and I organised a Big Lunch street party back in June, and yes, I’ve finally managed to write up our experience. If you find yourself living in a new environment and want to meet your neighbours then this … Continue reading

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A little local knowledge goes a long way – Quattro Stagioni

Local knowledge is an amazing thing – at our Big lunch street party back in June we were privileged with a local secret – take-away pizza shop is ‘good for grills’.  On Sunday, tired out after a long drive back … Continue reading

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Chilled gazpacho soup – E17 style

It’s too hot! So it’s time for a chilled summer soup. Gazpacho is the famous Spanish cold tomato soup, designed like a drinkable summer salad to cool you down when the weather just gets too much. We have Spanish neighbours … Continue reading

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The Chequers under new management

Well it has all been rather dramatic, sudden and a cut-throat business in the E17 pub world this week. Our lovely local pub on the high street,The Chequers, recently refurbished and managed by Antic Ltd over the last six months, … Continue reading

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Mulberry and spelt scones

We bought a packet of dried dark mulberries from our local 24 hour shop on Hoe Street. We’re always up for trying new things and love a culinary challenge, so we started to research what wonders we could create with … Continue reading

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Sunday lunch at The Bell

Last Sunday when the sun was shining we decided to treat ourselves to a well-deserved Sunday roast so headed to The Bell. We wrote a review of this pub back in the autumn when they first launched. You can’t reserve … Continue reading

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Summer pears poached in red wine

This week we were going to write about the Harringay Sunday market and a Green Lanes Turkish restaurant. But after a Saturday night Supperclub we were tired, we couldn’t find the market and when we got to the restaurant we forgot … Continue reading

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Elderflower cordial

Foraging on the Walthamstow Marshes is one of our favourite pastimes. This year the elderflowers are absolutely amazing, so aromatic and abundant. We picked two carrier bags full in only half an hour, our hands were turning yellow with the … Continue reading

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Our 1st Supperclub as part of the Appetite food festival 2013

There have been two momentous occasions this week for the Walthamstowfoodies. This is our 100th post; and we’ve survived the first of our Appetite 2013 food festival Supperclubs, so we thought we’d update on how we got on. The day … Continue reading

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Local veggie box scheme

I’ve only recently started to understand why people use supermarkets and the benefits of a ‘one hit’ shopping experience  – I now get that it’s all about time and convenience. In the past I’ve dismissed this argument, preferring to happily … Continue reading

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Street food in Walthamstow – Peppe’s Pizza

If you follow our blog you will know that the Walthamstowfoodies have no business even sniffing around a pizza due to various allergies and intolerances. But at the end of the day we do love an authentic, wood-fired pizza. Warm fresh … Continue reading

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E17 designers at the William Morris Gallery

Yesterday we went to the William Morris Gallery for the E17 designers Valentine’s event. I was on a quest to find a birthday present for the other foodie and some art for our bare walls. There was a range of stalls with local artists selling their wonderful, creative … Continue reading

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Sizzling Tandoori Mixed Grill

Update – Restaurant now closed/Feb 2013 The Olympics are only a few days away. I must admit that I’m not quite sure what to expect – will I be able to get to work? Will the tube be pushed to … Continue reading

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